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πŸ—“οΈ What are routines?
πŸ—“οΈ What are routines?

Repeating tasks with set frequencies.

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Use routines to generate repeating tasks and receive reminders when the tasks are due. Set up checklists to adhere to governmental regulations or to maintain guarantees and equipment lifetime.

What is the difference between routines and tasks?

Routines are templates for various tasks that must be carried out with a certain frequency.

Each routine in Propely can be seen as a setting that lets the system know when tasks should be created. The routine page can therefore be seen as a setup page.

When a routine is created, the system will automatically create tasks based on the frequency set to that routine. The routine tasks are then added to the Tasks page, together with deviations and other to-dos.

Check out the video: Routines & checklist templates

Gain insight into how to create the annual cycle with routines that generate tasks with the desired frequency in the platform, and how to add checklists.

Note. The video is in Norwegian.

We have import templates for importing existing routines. Download the zip file with all the import templates here. For us to do the import correctly, it is important that you follow the structure carefully. If there are errors from the start, we will have to update them again. Contact us if you need help!

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