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Propely has three different roles that a user can have when associated with a property:

  • Landlord

  • Tenant

  • Contractor

Each of these roles has different access to various information in the system and can perform different actions.

A user can also have the Super User and Operations Manager tags which give them even more options. See the descriptions below.

Landlord / Manager

This is a person who manages the property. When you create a property, you automatically become a landlord. You have full access to all information about the property. It is also possible to change the designation from 'Landlord' to 'Manager' under Company and further on Settings.


This is a person who has been invited by a landlord to rent/live in or use part of the property. Tenants have limited access and can only see information about the part of the property they are renting. They cannot see information about other parts of the property.


This is a person who is a member of a group that offers services to the property. Suppliers have access to basic information about the property, but they can also report deviations. They can see deviations that the landlord has assigned to their supplier group.


In addition to these roles, users can also have "tags" such as Super User and Operations Manager. These tags are linked to each individual property the user has access to. This means that you can, for example, be a Superuser for Property A, but not for Property B.

Changes can be made within the specific user. Choose the relevant building and select "Actions". Here, a user can be added and removed as a super user or operator.

Super User

This is a special user who has extra access to information about the property and more actions they can perform than regular users. They have more control and insight. One must, among other things, be a super user to have access to financial data.

Operations Manager

Operational Managers have access to all deviations on the properties their tags apply to. They can also delegate these deviations to supplier groups, regardless of the user's role. This gives them an important role in handling and solving problems on the property.


Your level of access and responsibilities when working with the properties in the Propely system vary according to your role and any associated tags.

Tip: Take a look at our webinar (in Norwegian) that provides a comprehensive overview of the system. In Chapter 1, we delve into the management of property information and tenants. We will show you how to add and manage property details, as well as handle tenant information for more efficient property management. Moving on to Chapter 2, we then thoroughly cover suppliers.

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