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Invite contractors for seamless cooperation and communication.

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Inviting your contractors to Propely is a great way to streamline your operations. Instead of always having to reach out to your contractors for status updates and cooperation, you can gather all information and communication in one platform.

In the Contractors page, available from the left menu, you get a full overview of all your contractors. You can navigate to a specific contractor, or click the top left + sign to add a new contractor.

Adding a new contractor

Click the + sign highlighted in green below.

Then, you only need to fill in the name of the contractor, and select what properties the contractor shall have access to.

The contractor

When navigating to a specific contractor, there are several things you can do:

  • Set a contact email, from the settings in the top right corner

  • Add contractor users who should have access to the platform

  • Get an overview over all tasks assigned to and/or completed by the contractor

  • Upload files, such as service agreements, other contracts etc.

​Tip: You can also watch this webinar, which provides a general overview of the system. Chapter 2 thoroughly covers suppliers.

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